Services and Prices:


Creating a turnkey website

Corporate website (1 to 7 web pages) starting from 39,000 RUB
Business site (8 to 30 web pages) starting from 49,000 RUB
Online shop (Shopping cart, Client's personal cabinet, etc.) starting from 59, 000 RUB

Separate phases of site development

Main page design layout 12 000 RUB
Design layout of one inner page 3 000 RUB
Main page HTML coding 4 000 RUB
HTML coding of one inner page 1 000 RUB
Website coding starting from 12 000 RUB

Additional work

Logo design 5 000 RUB
Creating a landing page 19 000 RUB
Flash multimedia presentations starting from 17,000 RUB

Website content

Text copywriting 100 RUB per 1,000 ch
Translating 400 RUB per 1,000 ch
Items content (for online shops) From 15 RUB per item

SEO Promotion

Optimizing website before promotion 5,000 to 7,000 RUB
Visits from search engines 7 RUB per visit
Key queries in the TOP from 18,000 RUB / m
Contextual advertising 15% of budget

PR, website promotional

Hidden advertising on forums 80 to 100 RUB per message
Creating markenimage in the web 80 to 100 RUB per message
Conducting a PR campaigning in services, feed-back forums 80 to 100 RUB per message

SMM, social networking

Managing groups in Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook 12,000 RUB/month
Representation in Instagramm and Twitter 12,000 RUB/month